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On-going projects

We are building a Rock Garden of Gratitude.  Our community is joining together and creating these expressions of gratitude.



Being thankful.

Showing appreciation.

Returning kindness.

Being grateful fosters happiness and health. It addresses stress and adversity which helps to create a healthy and loving and diverse community.

gratitude rocks
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Tell Us Your Story

Inspire family conversations.          Research family history.

Sharing our stories is a key way of getting to know each other.  We are soliciting stories from Swampscott community about their family’s “Coming to America”.


Who came?   From where?    When?    How?    Why?    What does it mean to YOU?


Please include a relevant photograph – whether it’s a photo of your ancestor or a current family photo – to complement your story.  Keep your responses to 200 words and identify the people in the photo, and send it to:  

You can find a printable form here.

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